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What Makes it Special

The hundreds of varieties of cheese that exist today are a tribute to human ingenuity over the centuries. Each one has its own flavor and characteristics and is the result of using different ingredients or assembling the ingredients in a different way. Some cheeses can be mass-produced using machinery. Others require the patience and attention that only direct human involvement can produce. We are proud that Crowley Cheese, made in small quantities with considerable human care, is one of those.

Great Taste.

A semi-firm raw milk cheese, with a distinctively smooth, creamy texture, and a sweet buttery taste.

A Unique Recipe.

We use a rinsed curd process that results in a cheese that is creamier and sweeter than a more typical Vermont Cheddar. It melts better, too!


Made entirely by hand with fresh, whole, unpasteurized milk from a local farm. Unlike mass-produced cheese, no two batches are the same.


Ensures quality, flavor, complexity, and character. Crowley's unique recipe also yields a faster-aging cheese for those who are seeking a truly sharp Cheddar.


It’s cheese the way it used to be -- all natural, with no additives or preservatives (certified hormone free).


We make only a few hundred pounds of Crowley Cheese each day.


American Cheese Society Blue Ribbon winner.