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Our Cheeses

Crowley Cheese Wheels

Crowley wheels are our signature product. These cheeses are clothbound and waxed by hand and come in 2-1/2, 5 lb, and 23-lb wheels. Hand-cut wedges are available by special order.

Crowley Cheese Blocks

Crowley blocks are hand cut and hand waxed without the cheesecloth underneath. Blocks can be ordered in various sizes. Please call us to place your order.

Crowley Cheese Samplers

We offer Crowley’s convenient 8 oz. bars in 3-, 6-, and 9-bar samplers -- something for everyone!

Aged Varieties


Sweet and buttery. Kids' favorite. Aged 2-5 months.

Medium Sharp

Combines a distinctive creamy, smooth texture with a hint of sharpness. Winner of an American Cheese Society Blue Ribbon (2005). Aged 5-10 months.


Full-bodied flavor -- a great way to spice up a dish. Aged about a year.

Extra Sharp

Tangy and complex. Anticipated and prized by long-time customers. Aged about a year and a half.


Cheese Tower

From top to bottom: Muffaletta, Smoked, Sage, Hot Pepper, Garlic Chive


A long-time Crowley favorite. Not as garlicky as our Garlic Chive or our Muffaletta.

Fresh Chive

A truly elegant classic: the buttery, nutty flavor of the cheese is accentuated by fresh garden chives.


A unique cheese made using Manzanilla olives, garlic, and pimento, similar to the famous New Orleans recipe, blended into our creamy cheese.


A classic, much sought-after cheese made from the same recipe used by the Crowleys over 100 years ago. Our favorite cheese in omelettes.

Hot Pepper

A blend of crushed red pepper and cayenne, with more heat than the typical "pepper" cheese.


Naturally maple smoked, but not over-smoked!
Sophisticated-yet-rustic flavor.
Not your average smoked cheese!

Garlic Chive

A great marriage of two favorite flavors, with a little bite.