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Unique, historic, American, handmade Crowley Cheese is a delicious treat - all year round. It also makes a special gift. Family, friends and hosts/hostesses love receiving this quintessential taste of Vermont.

All About Crowley

Award-winning Crowley Cheese has been made in the Green Mountains of Vermont from the same recipe, in the same manner, since 1824. Hand-made the old-fashioned way, it's cheese the way it used to be -- all natural, with no additives or preservatives. Pure, simple, delicious: cheese that everyone will love.

All-natural Crowley Cheese is made by hand from fresh, whole, unpasteurized milk without additives or preservatives. Our milk comes from cows certified BST and BGH free. With a distinctively smooth, creamy texture, Crowley Cheese is often compared to a cheddar "without the bite."

There's only one way to make such a fine cheese: by hand. While other cheesemakers have gone high-tech, Crowley has resolutely stuck to the hand tools and traditional methods first used by company founder Winfield Crowley.

America's First Cheese

Crowley Cheese is one of a very small number of genuine American cheeses. Very few cheeses originated in the United States; most came to this country with the various immigrant groups who settled here. Crowley Cheese began in the Crowley's kitchen in 1824. The Crowley Cheese Factory, built by Winfield Crowley in 1882 – A National Historic Place – is the oldest continuously-operating cheese factory in America. Visit us and see how cheese used to be made -- and still is today -- at our historic cheese factory in picturesque Healdville, Vermont.

Crowley Cheese in Winter
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